Tupu te toi ora tangata

Creating intergenerational wealth for our people

Koru Asset Development Group

Creating sustainable, intergenerational wealth for our people through
growing their capability and improving their asset base.

Helping you realise your Asset potential & making it happen

As far as we are concerned Assets can be defined as:

He Tangata – People
Whenua- Māori Land Blocks
Putea – Monetary Assets
Pakihi – Business Assets
Papakainga/Marae/Urupā – Social and Cultural Assets
Waterways and Coastal Environments– Environmental Assets

We appreciate that many whanau have much hope for their assets

You might be thinking about Governance or Financial Management upskilling for whanau or trustees, Papakainga, Marae Developments or other ventures on your whenua such as Agriculture, Horticulture, Viticulture, Aquaculture, Tourism or Eco-Tourism. Through our own whanau and our experience working with many whanau trusts, hāpu and iwi, we have noticed and experienced first-hand that bringing it all together involves a lot of challenges. 

At Koru Asset Development Group we are here to share our knowledge and expertise with you and hope to provide you with a "one stop shop" for developing your assets for generations to come.  All of our key strategic business partners are reputable Māori owned and operated firms that support this kaupapa (purpose) and have the required knowledge and experience to deliver what whanau need and want.

We hope to be your advocate and teach you what we know

At Koru Asset Development Group we are founded on the principles of advocacy and empowerment.  This means that we bring everything we know about Asset development to our journey walking with you to help make this happen, with the difference of upskilling you along the way.  What sets us apart however is that our intention is that you won't need us beyond this project (unless you would like us there of course).  This is because our hope is that we will walk beside you and pass on our knowledge, experience, and resources so your whanau can follow this process yourselves independently next time, and/or just as importantly can support and advise neighbouring Māori Entities in your rōhe (local area) to do the same.

We Are Here To Guide, Upskill & Empower You

Koru Asset Development Group & The Koru Asset Journey

The Koru Asset Journey is our unique framework designed by our founder Elton Parata.  Elton developed The Koru Asset Journey business model due to seeing a need for a empowering, supportive, streamlined system and process for Whanau to be able to work through alongside us to plan for and execute the development of their Assets.

Through indepth research he realised that there were key themes arising as barriers for Māori Economic Development.  They are as follows:

  • Lack of an agreed vision and long-term planning
  • Varying levels of skills in Governance and also in Management
  • Being unable to readily access resources, information, and specialist knowledge to help with your project
  • An inability to navigate complex planning rules and regulations
  • Lack of ability to recognise and obtain finance/funding from banking institutions and government agencies.

The Koru Asset Journey model provides the framework that underpins every journey Elton and his team take with each whanau they work with.  The hope is that their journey together will lead each whanau towards independent development and growth, equipping them with the tools they need to mitigate the issues listed above, and allow our people to move from being in a state of “Dependence on outside sources to being self-reliant and resilient”.


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